Sunglasses are eyewear that block ultraviolet (UV) light from reaching the eyes. They also reduce glare. A variety of sunglasses have been invented over the years. There are many sunglasses at Optical Center. The earliest were made from tinted plastic or glass.

After the Second World War, sunglasses became an essential fashion accessory. As the sunglasses industry grew, manufacturers came out with new models every year. Eventually, this trend resulted in an overwhelming demand for sunglasses. Some styles, such as aviators, have remained popular through the decades.

Acetate and polycarbonate are two popular materials for sunglasses. These are lightweight and have excellent optical clarity. However, their impact resistance is less than that of a metal frame.

Plastic glasses gained popularity in the 1950s, but were quickly displaced by metal frames. Many plastic glasses have optical flaws. In the 1970s, oversized designer frames began to gain ground. Manufacturers marketed glasses with trendy names such as the "Peekini" and the "Vivacious". During this period, designers such as Pierre Cardin began to design unique sunglasses.

While some designs are regarded as timeless, such as the classic aviator or the cat-eye, others are a fad. For example, wrap-around sunglasses are characterized by a strong curved frame. This style is usually accompanied by a single curved semi-circular lens, but can feature two lenses.

Although they're lightweight, nylon frames may bend under pressure. Metal frames are more rigid. Additionally, some styles are spring loaded, which allows them to be adjusted.

Choosing the right pair is vital to ensure comfort. Ideally, they should fit snugly on your face and merge into a broad temple arm. If they don't, you might be able to feel your eyelashes smearing the lens. You also want to choose ones that are light enough to avoid friction.

Polarized lenses are another important feature of sunglasses. These allow you to see fine details in darker shades. This helps you to see colors more vividly and eliminates glare. Another benefit of polarized lenses is that they improve your color perception outdoors.

There are many reasons sunglasses are so popular. They protect your eyes from UV rays, flying debris and other hazards. Often, they are worn during sports or other activities in addition to their primary purpose. And, they can be found in a wide array of colors, sizes and shapes. Whether you are looking for a new pair of sunglasses or need a replacement, you'll find a wide selection at your local store.

Some of the best sunglasses available are acetate, but there are also some metals and materials that are surprisingly durable. Nylon and wood are common options, but can vary in color and finish. Wooden sunglasses are more expensive, but they offer a wide range of looks. Be sure to read the product description to determine whether a specific pair is suitable for your needs.

There are many reasons why sunglasses are a must-have for everyone. From improving visibility in low light to protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, they are an important part of your summer wardrobe.