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The term "Advance Optical" refers to materials, technology, and systems that provide high-end optical products and services. For example, advanced optics include advanced optical fibers, advanced optical materials, advanced optical technologies, and more.

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Advanced Optical Materials

Advanced Optical Materials is a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal that covers all aspects of the light-matter interaction. This includes optical nanostructures, nonlinear optics, metamaterials, optoelectronics, and detectors and sensors. The journal is published by John Wiley & Sons Inc. in the United States.

The journal is indexed in the Scopus database. The impact score is based on citations to articles from peer-reviewed journals and other sources, such as books and conference papers. Its overall rank is 898.

One of the most important characteristics of the Advanced Optical Materials is its interdisciplinary forum. It publishes research results in areas that are rapidly developing. In addition, it welcomes submissions from the research community. Hence, the journal is able to produce high-quality original documents.

This journal is a gold open access journal. The impact score of Advanced Optical Materials is 9.60 in the year 2021. The impact score of this journal is based on a citation count of the most notable citations in other publications.

Advanced Optical Technologies

Advanced Optical Technologies (AOT) offers a variety of solutions involving optical technology and optics. These include multi-dimensional material characterization, material mapping, and automated target recognition. In addition, the company offers comprehensive polarization calibration of optical components.

AOT has also created the CrystalView CPCI microscope, a device that can take orientation images of non-cubic metals in minutes. This microscope features better than 3um resolution.

AOT has also developed custom sensors for defense customers and commercial enterprises. The team also works on multi-layer dielectric master diffraction gratings and replicated polymeric freestanding diffractors at 50-centimeter scale. Other projects have focused on kinoform phase plates for LLNL's Nova laser and large area submicron-pitch holographic diffraction gratings.

The company's research focuses on a number of topics, including theoretical analysis, channel measurements, and techniques to counteract atmospheric turbulence. In addition, the team is also designing optical communications systems.

Corning Advanced Optics is a global leader in cutting-edge material solutions. With the industry's most advanced laser glass-cutting capabilities and non-contact metrology instruments, the company can help see a project through from design to testing.

Advanced Optical Fiber

Advanced optical fiber sensors have a variety of applications, ranging from health monitoring to environmental detection. They have a number of advantages over other types of sensors, notably their electromagnetic passiveness and compact size. These benefits make them a desirable technology for many applications.

In order to operate effectively, optical fibers have to be strong and durable. This requires a careful balance between the strength of the fiber and the stresses that are applied during installation and handling.

The strength of the fiber can be affected by three basic scenarios. First, the refraction index of the fiber core can change with the temperature. Second, the fiber can be affected by microscopic surface flaws, which can severely weaken its strength. Third, the aging process can reduce its strength.

Some fibers have been designed to have varying indices of refraction, absorbing properties, and reflective qualities. By taking advantage of these characteristics, optical fiber sensors can measure several parameters, such as pressure and temperature.