Binocular Repair
Are your Binoculars out of focus?
Cannot seem to focus both eyes?

Your Binoculars may be out of alignment due to strong impact that knocks the prisms out of alignment. There is a solution, we can help you by using our BINOCULAR COLLIMATOR  that
will properly align the prisms to
precise United States Navy specifications for maximum alignment accuracy.  For Service call (210) 736-4541 or Email:
Binoculars can be dirty from the outside which is easy to clean,  but if your binoculars are dirty from the inside then you will need to send them out to a professional and that's us Advance Optical & Instruments.  We use special tools and our very own formulated binocular cleaning solutions  which can take anything from grease to fungus that grows inside binoculars due to moisture.  After cleaning we make sure Binoculars are lubricated with our very own formulated binocular lubricants For cleaning call us at
(210) 736-4541 or e-mail us at
How to order
For more Professional Binocular Repair Service visit our sister website at or click on the logo to the right.
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